You will need
  • - the "Declaration";
  • copies of accreditation and license of the Institute;
  • - the certificate on form 2-NDFL;
  • receipt of tuition fees;
  • - agreement with the Institute;
  • - the passport.
In the accounting Department of the company where you work currently, please request a proof of income for last six months under the form 2-NDFL. The document must contain your personal details, signature of chief accountant, company Director, company seal.
Inquire at the University where you are studying on a paid basis, the accreditation and license of the Institute. Remove them two copies and ask the personnel Department to assure them the seal of the educational institution.
You need to have on hand a contract for training that you signed with the Institute for admission. If you do not have it available (lost or destroyed), in the personnel office of the University you need to request a copy. When the amount of payment changed during the training period, then the contract must be accompanied by an additional agreement.
To pay for study you have the receipts, therefore, for the period for which you will fill out a Declaration, you need to submit the payment documents. If you have lost or damaged some of the receipts, you will be able in the accounting Department of the University to obtain a certificate of the fact and amount of payment.
Download and install to your personal computer program "Declaration". Set the required conditions: room tax service at the place of filing, the mark of a taxpayer and confirmation of your current income. Make your passport data in the information of the declarant.
In the item "Income received in the Russian Federation" enter the name of the organization where you work. Then, using the data in the certificate 2-pit, enter the amount of your salary for each month of the reporting period.
Tab "Deductions" select "to Provide social tax deduction". In the column "Amount spent on their education" write the amount of expenses specified in the receipt on payment for study for the past six months.