You will need
  • solution;
  • - spatula;
  • rule 1.5 m;
  • level;
  • beacons;
  • - plastering trowel;
  • - a wooden float.
To apply the plaster on the ceiling, clean it from dirt and create artificial roughness to ensure a good grip.
To do this on a concrete ceiling make incisions with a special tool. There should be as much as possible. On the wooden ceiling tamp lath or metal grid plate with oil paint or cement milk to prevent corrosion of the metal.
Using a level, mark the horizontal plane. The extreme lower point of the ceiling should have a thickness of 2-3 mm. Install the beacons, the surface of which must lie in the same plane as the horizontal preset, calibrated level.
Using the rule on the lights, fill the space with plaster between it and the slab. After drying on the ceiling will get a flat strip, which is subsequently use as a guide.
When applying the plaster on the ceiling, the solution often falls and beacons that need to be cleaned. With metal and wooden beacons it is removed easily.
Apply the plaster on the ceiling in three layers. The scratch coat is the first layer. The solution for it in its consistency should resemble cream.
Sprinkles the solution as a solid layer, no lining and visible, of a thickness exceeding 9 mm. stroke of the trowel do very strongly, that the shots were thin and wide. The remaining clumps in the spray, which is above the level of the beacons, smoothed with a rule or a trowel.
When the layer of the cured scratch coat, apply a primer. The main layer of mortar plaster should be a doughy consistency. Apply a primer to one, two or more layers. Everyone is sure smooth.
Clear all of the beacons. Apply and smooth mortar spaces under them. Check the surface of the rule, applying it in different directions. Correct any irregularities.
For the last layer required a solution of a creamy consistency. Apply nakryvku on a ground which has seized, but has not dried up completely. If the soil is dry, moisten it with water using a brush.
When the ceiling surface completely dries, re-grout with a wooden float.