In relations between a man and a woman, there are often situations when one side expects the other to some action or words, and the other somehow does not or does not say that. So it is in the moments when a woman loves her man, and he never says he too loves her. What to do in this situation?
The main thing – not to despair, but to take everything under their own control. After all, you do not know, why he does not want to admit love. Maybe he's shy or thinks that you enough that he always you that gives and invites to Dating, and maybe his parents never say they love each other. Here are some tips that will help you "talk" with the man, so he finally said he loves you.
Consider how responsive your man, if you say you love him. If he looks away then, most likely, just shy of these words. If your confessions man as if nothing had happened continues to do something of their own, the cheerleaders - it can be a sign of indifference to your feelings.
Seeing his reaction, decide what you'd better do to he admitted to love. If he's shy or he's in the family just not customary to talk about love, it is better to ask him to speak about love to you in response to their own recognition. That is openly tell the man that you want to hear him say the words "I love you" because it is important for you to know that for sure. Just do not try to do it on people, it is better to share words of love alone.
If your question is about if he loves you, the man says "Yes" or something like that, you can invite friends and play some games like phantom. And when it comes his turn, say that he admitted the beautiful words you love.
There are situations when it is unclear you love the man or not. Then we can go on radical measures. Deliver a tough ultimatum: either he confesses to you in love, or you break up. If he agrees with the second option, then do not regret about ending a relationship, he just doesn't like you.
In some cases, can help other ways. For example, you can talk with a close friend and ask what your man tells him about you. You can also ask a friend hinted to your man that it is time to confess to you in love. If you have a good relationship with his mom, you can ask her about it.