You will need
  • a balcony of a multistory building;
  • - counseling
  • - notebook
  • - handle
Examined for starters, how serious are you afraid of heights. If the fear arises from the view from the balcony of the 25th floor is required fear of self-preservation. Without it, people simply could not survive. But if the dizziness and fear arose from the fact that you climbed a ladder 2 meters from the ground - it is a phobia. In the first case, you can easily learn to control their emotions. Second - it is better to entrust himself to the psychologist.
Do not exclude from your life situation associated with height. Because to overcome fear can only periodically experiencing. Every time you analyze a situation, to analyze your own components. And when you learn not to be afraid of him a separate part will disappear, and fear itself.
Simulate in my head the terrible, unbelievable situation associated with height. Not just model - imagine it in all detail. It can be a parachute jump, a rope bridge over a deep chasm, or the observation deck on the roof of a skyscraper. Try in this moment to look fear in the eye, to understand – what exactly are you afraid of? Reliving over and over again, emotions in your imagination, you will feel that, in reality, your fear becomes weaker. Very well to consider different scenarios.
Rethink their attitude to fear. If you understand what it is specifically you'll know what to fight. Awful in this sense of the unknown. As soon as you "sort out", you'll find that the power of fear is diminished.