You will need
  • - capacity of large diameter;
  • - chamomile, sage, mint;
  • - a large towel.
Prepare a pot of water – control capacity of large diameter to the area of the steam treatment was extensive. Pour water, sprinkle of dried herbs (chamomile, sage, mint) and put on fire. As soon as the water boils, turn off the fire and leave the structure for 15 minutes, covering the pan with a lid. This is enough time for the water to become acceptable for the bath temperature, and the herbs gave all their useful properties. Do not breathe over a saucepan of just boiled water, otherwise you can get burns of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.
Prepare your skin for the procedure, remove makeup, clean the face cleansing with tonic or lotion, tie hair. Lean over the pot so that the distance between the skin and the water was at least 30 centimeters – breathe in the steam for 20 minutes, covered with a towel. If you sweat quickly, remove the towel, dry your face or wash your face with cold water and continue the procedure.
If your skin is dry or normal and does not require further purification, make a nourishing mask. As in steaming, the skin is more sensitive, any procedure after steam baths will bring more use – lubricate the skin with fruit juice, apply a nourishing or moisturizing composition.
If the skin is black dots, then you must delete them. Wrap your index fingers with gauze and a light touch will clean the pores – just squeeze those blackheads, which are easy to break. After cleaning, lubricate the skin with a swab soaked in disinfectant and then apply on face tightening mask.
Do steam bath before bed to relax muscles and if redness after cleaning, the skin calmed down and turned pale. After the procedure it is not desirable to put on face makeup and clog the pores.
Install individual regular steam treatments depending on skin type. Oily skin, you can steam three times a month for 20 minutes (add water Bay leaf, calendula, chamomile), dry skin needs a procedure within one month within 10 minutes (steep orange, rose). Twice a month clean normal skin (choose a mixture of herbs, sandalwood, carnation, thyme, etc.).