Pick lingerie models in accordance with where you're going to wear it. The underwear for sports, everyday wear and for special occasions, there are significant and fundamental differences that need to be considered when buying this kind of clothing. In a woman's wardrobe should have a few sets of linen for all occasions.
Be sure to measure linen, checking the size. You can not buy too tight underwear, as well as free. The bra should not compress the breast, its straps should not dig into the skin, it needs to sit straight and not to get up on the back. Choose cups that will fit under your breast shape. Panties should not be too narrow or uncomfortable. Quality underwear in your size you should not feel on the body.
If you choose a decorative pattern, then pay attention to the way of fastening elements, all bows, rivets, feathers and rhinestones should be securely fastened, but should not scratch or RUB the skin. Panties should be cotton insert, and linen for daily socks should be made of natural materials. The sports model needs to pull and keep the shape, and therefore preferable to linen, from polyester and polypropylene. All lines should be flat and not convex. Seamless underwear is sold under tight-fitting clothes, it is very comfortable and nice to wear.
Pay attention to the color of linen. Stick to the rules, which reads as follows – linen should not stand out under clothing, it must be invisible. Be sure to purchase underwear in white, black and Nude colors, the colors depend on the color of clothing that you plan to wear it.
Style of underwear to choose, based on characteristics of the shape. Shorty shorts and g-string look attractive on women solely slender, proportionally folded. The cups of the bra should follow the contours of the Breasts, and to check the form, put on top of the tight shirt. Corrective underwear is supposed to hide flaws – seamless panties should reduce the volume of the abdomen and hips, the corset makes a slimmer silhouette. Ensure that linen is pulled, but not restrict movement and does not violate the breath.