Please contact one of the banks-partners of "Golden Crown" to receive the card sender. A list of these organizations can be found on the website of the service Complete the application form and provide your passport details, and contact information of the recipients.
Imagine the Bank officer your passport and identification code. Wait for the registration card and will receive it on hands. From now on you will be able to transfer without the need of filling out the paper application.
Tell the employee of the Bank or of the interior, which cooperates with the system "Golden Crown" card and passport for money transfer. The address list can be found at the link Specify in search query the city and country of residence, then get addresses of agents of service. Also, there will decree the amount of the fee for the translation, currency and time.
Inform the amount of remittance and name of the recipient. Unless the person is listed on your card, then register information about it. Get a copy of the form of administration, which will set the control number to retrieve. Report this information to the recipient.
Use the self-service kiosk "Golden Crown". Insert your card into the ATM and enter the PIN you received when registering your card. Select a recipient from the list. Specify the currency, then make cash money in the receiving hole for cash. Remember that self-service kiosks accept only rubles. Confirm the transfer amount and get a receipt and control number. You can get it at any branch of the partner of the system "Golden Crown".
Call the toll free number 8-800-200-70-75, if you have any difficulties or questions on remittances in the system "Golden Crown". You can also write a message on the company's website at the link Do not forget to specify the correct your email address, you will receive a response.