You will need
  • - black tea;
  • - instant coffee;
  • - hot water;
  • - milk;
  • - iron
  • - matches or lighter.
One of the most popular techniques – soaking the paper in tea leaves. Pour 5 tablespoons of black leaf tea Cup of boiling water and let it infuse. Instead of tea you can use coffee in the ratio of 10 teaspoons instant coffee per Cup of boiled water. The deeper the solution, the darker the paper. Strain the infusion and pour the liquid into the tub. Lower back is a sheet of paper. It can be pre-crumple for giving your work greater historical accuracy. After five minutes, remove the paper from the bath and put to dry on a flat surface. To speed up the drying process, the sheet is recommended to iron iron.
Can be used to age paper with milk. To do this, apply the milk on the sheet on both sides with a cotton swab. After it dries a bit, gently iron it with the iron. If you hold received the paper over a hot stove, you can get very colourful markings, which will give your product a special chic. Working with an open flame, be aware of safety precautions.
Very effective, but a longer time is a method of aging paper the sun. For this position the required number of opposite leaves of direct sunlight. After a few days your paper will naturally turn yellow and will take the form of a rare document.
Once you got the old paper, you can make it even more believable. The sheet spread in several places granules of coffee. It will make the color uneven. Then carefully singe the edges with a match or lighter.
If desired, any of the proposed options can be used to age the book. For this it is necessary to put each page in a solution and iron her iron. Only after complete drying of the sheet, you can proceed to the next. The process will take quite a long time, but you can become the owner of rare book editions.