You will need
  • phone Panasonic.
Enter the menu of phone to enable caller ID, select "base station Settings", then select "Automatic determinant of number." While in this menu, type keyboard with the numbers 255. On the screen appears "Avtoplaneta" - press "On".
Activate auto-pick for inclusion of the determinant. To do this, go to menu and select "database settings". Press 3. Then enter the pin code (default is 0000). Then sequentially press the numbers 5 and 2. When you received an incoming call press the call button once to see the caller ID, and the second time to start the conversation.
Set up automatic determinant of number in the phone Panasonic 325й model. Enter "base setting" of the phone. Then select "caller ID", click "OK". Next, use the joystick to scroll down to appear on screen features. Enter sequentially the numbers 255. Click "OK". Then from the menu select the option "auto retrieve". Then click "OK".
Select the "on" position, press "OK". Then select "caller ID", set the number of digits is 7. Next, select the number of requests signal – 5 (maximum). Set the duration of the request signal is 100 MS (minimum value). In the option "Delay answering the call", select 100 MS.
Set the field "Number of calls" set to 1. Actually, the number is three or two rings, that is, after actuation of automatic number identification. When you call a phone with caller ID switching is audible in the handset. The configuration of the caller ID is complete. You can also connect your telephone operator service CallerID to Supplement caller ID.
Go to phone menu, select "database settings", enter 0000, then select "Other", then "Change pin", dial digit combination 726276647, then enter the code EEPROM8 and 007R5 F-06.