You will need
  • computer;
  • modem;
  • is a telephone line.
To determine the quality of the connection on your telephone line, connect the computer modem, for example, D-Link DSL 2500U/BRU/D. If your modem is connected as bridge, go to properties of LAN and enter the IP address of the modem as shown in the image. If you do not, you will not be able to communicate with the modem to verify the telephone.
Click on the link to download the app to test phone lines. To download sign up on the forum, this is standard procedure, it will not take you much time. Unzip and install the program on your computer. Connect the telephone cable to the modem and turn it on. Then start the app DLink Line Info.
Enter in the program window the IP address of the modem, then click the "Update" button to take readings of the characteristics of the line. The more the testimony of the charts in the results of measurements build the program, the better your phone lines. You can also make conclusions about this from a report program. Look for the following characteristics: Noise Margin (noise immunity) and Attenuation (signal attenuation).
Assess the value of noise immunity, if it is less than 6, then the line is very bad, it has problems with synchronization. The value of this parameter from 7 to 10, it can fail. From 11 to 20 line good. If the indicator 21 and over – line is very good, interference will not.
Then look at the parameter of the attenuation of the signal if it is less than 20, then your line is great. Normal rate – from 20 to 40. If the value is between 40 and 50, on lines there will be failures. Occasionally it will disappear sync, if the figure is between 50 and 60. If it is above 60, the equipment will not work.