Deep breathing helps to improve blood flow to the brain brain and saturate it with oxygen. Slowly counting to four, breathe in. Hold your breath for 3-5 seconds, then exhale, counting to six. Repeat the exercise three times. At first you will feel a slight dizziness, but after regular training, the body will get used to it. Do breathing exercises daily at least 3-4 times. Every day increase the number of breaths (but no more than 10 times for one approach). After a week you will feel the improvement of health, and also improving memory, attention and General well-being.
To improve the blood supply of the brain with the help of simple physical exercises. Stand up straight and perform a circular rotation of the head. Ensure that the motion was slow and smooth, the neck is not strained. Do 5 repetitions in one direction and the same in another. Do the exercises several times a day. They not only help to improve blood flow to the brain brain, but also strengthen the cervical spine.
Normal blood flow to the brain the brain is possible only with healthy vessels. Therefore, efforts should be made to clear them. Include in the diet foods that promote the excretion of cholesterol: fish, vegetables, fruit. Minimize the use of salt. Drink herbal teas with lemon balm, rosehip, strawberry leaves. They prevent blood clots, normalize blood pressure, improve blood flow to the brain.
In some cases, can not do without drugs. They are especially important if you already had problems with blood circulationm the brain of the brain. For starters, drink a course of vitamin-mineral preparations. They are part of the substances necessary for normal functioning of the brain. But sometimes they are insufficient. In this case, come to the aid of such means as "Actovegin", "Cinnarizine", "Vinpocetine", and the like. But prescription drugs should be a doctor.