Visit the official portal administration of St.-Petersburg. On the home page note the vertical menu located under the arms of the city. Locate the third section, in it you need the fourth paragraph of the "Reception of citizens", click on it. In the opened form find the link "Send a letter to the Governor of St.Petersburg in electronic form", go for it.
Read the terms of sending the letter to the Governor of St.Petersburg via e-mail. Please note that your message may not exceed 2,000 characters, approximately 1 printed page in Word format. If you agree with the requirements for writing messages, click the "Send email".
Complete the short form on the next page. You will have to enter data about your name, surname, home address and e-mail. Also, the form will prompt you to choose the subject of appeal to the Governor of St.-Petersburg.
Write a message in the special window. Do not use the message obscene or abusive language, write only in Russian letters. Keep in mind that the form of the electronic circulation does not imply the ability to attach video or audio files. Please note that a reply will be sent to your postal address or e-mail. Click "Send" when finished the letter.
If you have a need to write a long detailed letter or send to the address of the Governor of Saint-Petersburg photos, compose a message on paper, put it in an envelope, in Russia and send to the address:191060,St.-Petersburg,Smolny,the Governor of Saint-Petersburg Poltavchenko Georgiy Sergeevich.Specify in the email your contact details to reply found its destination, it will come to e-mail or home address.