Able pupils are often too sensitive to critical situations. That's why most smart kids are not given the highest result that can. Experience of successful delivery is so overwhelmed that the child is unable to cope with the emotions and come at the right time. But the educational system can be circumvented as follows. First you need to decide on a subject that you understand best.
Then get a brochure with a list of higher education institutions in your city or where you wish to study. Often after a short introductory story about the University and the existing faculties, the authors point to the opportunity to participate in various competitions at the University. The winners in these contests as a prize give the privilege of admission without examination.
You need to write a statement that you wish to participate in the contest. As the Olympiad is held on a particular subject (e.g., mathematics, Russian language, chemistry, etc.), it is desirable that your knowledge in this area was much wider than school, which may not be enough. Prepare thoroughly, as in case of victory (or if you take one of the three prizes) you will enroll in the Institute without prior passing the exam.
There is another alternative. Schools frequently conduct the Olympiad on different subjects. If you take one of the two places, you will be sent to the city competition. Prepare for them well. Since it is only the second step in achieving the goal. In case of victory in the city you will be sent to the area. Here we have some school knowledge is not enough. As the time to prepare stands out a lot, don't be lazy. Take seriously the case. If you are at a regional competition win, you will be offered a list of educational institutions, where the provision of the certificate of victory at the competition you will be able to enroll in a free place without examinations.