Please note that the feedstock for the production of microfiber is oil, so the origin of all materials microfiber is completely natural. It was first produced in the country of the rising sun with the use of modern chemical technology. Microfiber consists of a very thin microfibers of polyamide with a diameter of only 0.06 mm. With its unique properties, it has found wide application in daily life of man.
Remember that with proper care, microfiber products keep their shape well, do not crumple, not electrified. The term of service under intensive use is from 2 to 5 years, and the maximum number of washes varies from 200 to 500 depending on the selected temperature.
Erasing microfiber, try to keep the texture of the fabric. It is very velvety and soft to the touch, absorbs moisture but also easily and gives unlike cotton fabrics that stay more wet after spin. In addition, the fabric is resistant to chemical and light exposure, do not shed, does not roll, has a high strength.
Wash microfiber products separately from your other lingerie or manually, especially if you are not sure of the durability of the colors of colored things. Try not to use cleaning agents containing aggressive substances, bleaches and conditioners.
Products made of polyamide fibers wash by hand or in the washing machine in warm water of 40-60oC. As a rule, higher temperatures are used in medical clinics and agencies to ensure maximum disinfection. At home a good disinfecting effect is achieved by the use of some essential oils. Use mild detergents and shampoos, which quickly removes even heavy soiling.
To ensure maximum long service life of textiles and clothing microfiber, remember that it dries quickly, especially when of loose texture. Drying in the washing machine on hot and the battery is not acceptable.