Advice 1: How to stop diarrhea in dogs

Bowel movements dogs from three to ten times a day is called diarrhea. The stool may be of different consistency: liquid, watery, with sour smell, completely odorless with mucus, without mucus, mixed with blood or without it. Diarrhea can be a symptom of poisoning, disruption of the digestive glands, damage to the walls of the intestines, tumors, and infectious (bacterial, virus) and parasitic (worms, protozoa) processes.
You will need
  • water;
  • "Regidron";
  • - "Enterosgel";
  • - "Polifepan";
  • - "Use adsorbents";
  • tea;
  • - sugar;
  • - yogurt;
  • - drug against worm infestation;
  • - vaccination;
  • - drugs with lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria.
First, contact your doctor or veterinarian for advice about the treatment of dogs. Try to be the first day not to feed the animal at all. Dilute the drug "Regidron" according to the instructions and let your pet. To prevent further absorption of toxins can give adsorbents such as: "Enterosgel", "Polifepan", "use adsorbents", etc. On the second day boil the rice, drain the resulting broth and let us drink to the dog. Brew weak tea, dilute with sugar and offer liquid animal.
Purchase at the pharmacy drugs to expel worms. In the case where the diarrhea is caused by incorrect translation of dog to a new food system, try to change your diet or exclude food for cats.
Check the dog from the experts. It is possible that she has internal organ diseases, such as goiter, for example. After examination and receipt of test results guide the full course of treatment.
Feed buy only from reliable producers, always check the expiration date, inspect the packaging for damage.
Diarrhea can trigger viral infections (plague, enteritis, leptospirosis, hepatitis, etc.), so make vaccination of dogs within the established deadlines. Such measures will effectively prevent rabies and leptospirosis.
Inspect pet. If the animal vomits, has a fever, it is lethargic, contact your veterinarian. The doctor will establish the intravenous catheter and make infusion therapy, that is, put on a drip. Depending on the severity and duration of diarrhea, the procedure can be performed in a hospital or at home. Therapy is aimed at reducing symptoms and preventing dehydration dog. A few days should re-conduct a survey of the animal and on the basis of the results obtained to decide on the need for further treatment.
Buy veterinary pharmacy medicines to maintain intestinal microflora. Usually they contain bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. In the same vein, give your pet yogurt.

Advice 2: What to do when dog has diarrhea

Diarrhea at least once in your life happened to all the dogs. Often the owners do not give it much importance, thinking that the pet is secretly just picked up on the street some stale piece. Meanwhile, diarrhea can be a sign of a serious problem.
Diarrhea from dogs may occur not only because of poisoning spoiled food or eaten on the street with poison, but also in cases of infection with enteritis, distemper, hepatitis and other viral diseases. It also sometimes occurs due to disease of the liver, pancreas, parasitic infestations, dysbiosis. Therefore before to treat this symptom, we need to find out the cause and eliminate it. And this should show the dog the veterinarian who examines the animal and put an accurate diagnosis. He will develop the required treatment plan.While infections and other serious cases, an expert assigns a special antiviral drugs and supportive therapy. If it's not too serious, the owner himself can cure diarrhea in your pet.The first day after the start of diarrheaand the dog is in any case impossible to feed. Her body was not dehydrated, pour it in the mouth of a disposable syringe without a needle solution "Regidron" and let adsorbents, for example, "use adsorbents", "Enterosgel" or "Polifepan".If the diarrhea does not recur, did not appear vomiting, the next day you can feed your pet rice water or special medical food. The next two weeks the animal is necessary to give special veterinary preparations with bifidobacteria and lactic bacteria to restore the intestinal microflora. You can do "Laccopetalum" or to consult a veterinarian who will recommend a different tool.In order to prevent the occurrence of diarrhea in dogs, time to let her antihelminthic drugs, vaccinate the animal against viral infections, feed only fresh and high quality food, carefully select dry food. Better not to experiment: if a particular food fits the animal, let it do not change. On the street don't let the dog to pick up something from the ground, but if it happened once Skamania "Yuck." Otherwise, the dog can seriously poisoned.
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