You will need
  • Computer, Internet, printer, paper.
Check which language is active on your computer at this time. Set the desired language by pressing the left mouse button.
Menu in Word, select view and font size, set the size of margins and line spacing intervals of the future text. Using the keypad, type the source text. You can transfer to Word scanned text, copying it for further editing. In this case, go to the tab "page Layout" and click the bottom line "Custom fields". Here you can configure various page settings.
Download from the Internet program, "Layout Text Book" that opens in the network for free access. It will transform any text in Word in book format.
Install a special software on your computer, which will allow to impose the brochure in Word or edit your texts. You can add pictures and comments, insert tables, format the appearance of the document. The program can also specify the number of columns (two or more) on the page. If you accidentally deleted a useful excerpt from the book, use the function undo your last action by pressing the button "Cancel entry" in the upper left corner of the Word window.
Edited the layout of the book ready to print. To do this, first save it by selecting in the main menu window the command "Save". After the tab "Fields" in the section "Pages" select "Brochure" indicating the number of pages, select the desired format of the paper.
In the main menu, select "Print". Set the required number of copies of the book. After printing fill in a bind or staple the sheets by using a stapler. Note that the number of pages of the resulting booklet may differ from the number of pages of the original document in Word format.