The child must take tuberculostatic drugs therapy is usually long, up to six months, therefore, you must strictly adhere to the dosage and regular medication. Individual regimens of antimicrobial drugs depend on the form of tuberculosis and the child. Chemotherapy is the main treatment for tuberculosis.
Great importance is nutrition. Food should be easily digestible, are high in calories, fortified. If the child is underweight, food should be plentiful. Children with a normal weight do not overfeed. The diet of the child necessarily should include meat, milk, fish, eggs, bread, cereals, fresh vegetables and fruits. TB patients children should receive daily fish oil.
Stay in the health institution is obligatory for childrenwith tuberculosis – there are all conditions for treatment (lots of fresh air, light, nutrition, adherence, rest, physiotherapy, etc.). Under strict indications is possible bed the child. The basic elements of tempering in the form of water treatments and douches increase the body's resistance. Treatment of the sun effectively in certain forms of tuberculosis, when the affected bones, skin, lymph nodes, joints, etc.
Symptomatic therapy involves saturation of the body with vitamin C and calcitrapa. Cough treated with medication to stop haemoptysis, relieve attacks as well as ease coughing.
Surgical treatment of tuberculosis from the children shown in the case of ineffectiveness of drug treatment remove part of the lungs, lymph nodes, etc.
Traditional methods of treatment of tuberculosis are supporting – in tuberculosis of children is useful to drink a lot of cow's milk, you can mix it with honey or birch tar. Radish juice with honey, pure aloe juice, use raw egg yolks with lemon juice, broth Adonis, infusion of marsh rosemary – all of these recipes can help children's body to cope with inflammation.