You will need
  • - map of the city.
Select one of the network restaurants serving pizza or sushi, if you want to feed a big company. The problem with the treats once relegated to the background, assuming that almost everyone loves this kind of food. The undeniable advantage of such institutions is the lack of entertainment: you will finally be able to communicate, especially if long time no see. No DJs, no loud music doesn't disturb you.
The most popular democratic networks are the pizzerias "Pizza hut" and "Ollis" Japanese food "Two sticks" and "Eurasia". These places exist in every district of the city, located near the metro, so access will be easy. In the "Pizza hut" often held shares, where if you order one large pizza, the second client receives free of charge, and in Japanese restaurants always have the option to order a platter for the whole group of friends.
Visit one of the many night clubs if you prefer an active vacation. No wonder Peter called the club capital of Russia: here there are places of different directions. You will long remember the day of birthheld in clubs "11", "Behemoth", "Air", "Winter-Summer", "Gelsomino". Night club "Hippo" offers to dance the night away to electronic music's best DJs. "Winter-Summer" - a luxury place trendy hangouts. You will be surprised by a delicious menu and very profitable location – overlooking the water. Music Bar 11, a karaoke Suite with amazing interiors and excellent food, and the club not only to dance on three different dance floors, but also to swim in the pool, play volleyball.
Go to one of the sports-entertainment centers, if you wish to combine your holiday with sports. Bowling fans will surely enjoy such clubs as "Bowling city", "Golden Strike", "7 Mile". Golden Strike has ten lanes for bowling, four of which focused on children. In the "7 mile" in addition to seventeen-lane bowling alley, there are tables for American and Russian Billiards, bar, cafe and disco.
Hire one of the private boats if your day of birth falls on the warm season (may-October). Take a walk on the many rivers and canals, under numerous bridges. You can also go to the Gulf of Finland and continue the celebration there. However, remember that this holiday requires increased caution and attention. Go to the Gulf coast if you don't want to celebrate the day of birth in a stuffy city. From Sestroretsk to Zelenogorsk is a large number of cozy restaurants and entertainment facilities. There you can take a large table on the veranda, and then sunbathe on the sandy beach.