You will need
  • - form of receipt for payment for electricity;
  • - documents of enterprises or individuals;
  • - a room, series of the counter;
  • - meter readings for each month;
  • the company details for energy costs.
Document for the calculation of payment for electricity consists of two parts: notification and receipt. Both of them must contain details of the companies providing the relevant utility services. These include the organization name, its INN, KPP, Bank account, name of Bank where it is open, BIC, correspondent account, the legal address of the enterprise, contact phone number and mode of operation of the company.
Name of the legal entity or physical person which is the owner or renter of the premises indicated on the receipt and notice. Enter the name of the company in accordance with the Charter, other constituent document or your personal data in accordance with the passport. Then specify the address of the location of firms places of your residence.
Each payer has a personal account which is used for the calculation of the amount on electricity bills. Write its number in the upper right corner of the receipt and notice.
Billing for the light produced depending on how many people registered at this address (apartments, houses). Specify the number of registered, provisionally registered, temporarily retired. a special category of citizens are pensioners, so they stand out from the total number of living persons.
Write the name of the month of the year for which you fill out the receipt and notice for electricity.
Specify the serial number of meter installed in your apartment, house, office space. Be aware that currently need to put the devices to calculate energy consumption of a new sample. Previous and current his testimony, fill in the appropriate fields.
Write the total area where there is a charge of electricity. Put a personal signature and enter the calculated amount for light.