Before to purchase tickets in advance with discounts, consider whether you believe that would not be necessary to exchange them. Read the rules of the applicable fare. But if you buy a ticket at the full rate, to change the date of departure, any penalties you do not have to pay. Contact the ticket office where you purchased the ticket and get it exchanged without any penalties deducted only cash on collection.
In that case, if the tariff is subsidized and purchased discounts, in some cases, to change the date of departure and to trade him would be impossible – you will have to surrender the ticket and purchase a new one on a different date. Sometimes this exchange will be possible to make payment of the penalties which can be substantial – up to € 70.
Without penalty you can change the date of departure only in the case of so-called involuntary exchange. This definition includes for example the case when the airline has made changes in his schedule, cancels the flight or changed the terms of service specified in the ticket. The death of a relative or the failure to provide connections between transit flights, the air carrier also apply in the case of an involuntary exchange.
When you want to change the date of departure is voluntary, then returns and exchanges are carried out in accordance with tariff rules. To exchange a ticket purchased via the Internet, make a request on the website of the airline and fill out a request in the feedback form. Specify the order number in which you purchased it, its old details: date, flight number, name of the passenger. Then specify the new date of flight, flight number and leave your contact numbers and email address. The airline representative will contact you and inform you about the possibility of sharing and the additional amount that it will cost.
Express exchange a ticket for a different date you can only produce the representation of the airline, which operates your flight. Usually, they are located at the airport of departure.