The easiest way to recover a forgotten password, if you are a user of Mozilla Firefox: go to "Tools", "Settings", "Protection" and then "Saved passwords". Display all passwords that will be easy to find the one you need. If you use Internet Explorer or Safari for example, go to the mail server and enter the username of your mailbox to the appropriate row. To the right of the form to enter data or under it click on the words "Forgot", "can't access my account" or "Remember password" and then click "Next". Enter the response requested by the system of "Secret question", which you specified when registering in the box that appears (if you don't remember it, just enter any characters) and hit "Next".The correct answer, you will be prompted to immediately change the password to a new one. If you answer incorrectly, you will need to enter additional information about yourself (for example, registering a cell phone number and/or another e - mail, registered in your name). If this information was not provided at registration, or no longer relevant (was changed a phone number, deleted mailbox) to restore the password you will need to write a letter of support by completing a special application form. The answer will come no later than 3-5 working days. In case of failure in restoring access to a mailbox (if provided information is not sufficient) send another letter with more detailed information: the names you have created folders that are stored in contacts address book, the approximate date of mailbox registration, the date of dispatch of letters etc. If the data you provided at registration match the passport, then to the letter, you can attach a scanned copy of your passport, driving licence or other document confirming your identity.