The act of offsetting is the primary design document. From the correctness of its design depends on the absence of errors in accounting and tax accounting for such operations. The unified form of the document does not exist, but it should meet all the requirements for primary documents.
Conducting netting is carried out in 2 stages. The first is the identification of the debt. The act of reconciliation, which reflects transactions between organizations. Second - make and sign the act of netting, where it is stated which the amount owed is repaid. The second stage ends with a direction of the notification in unilateral netting or the signing of the act - in two-way.
Specify in the act the amount of obligations for each item of the contract netting. The total amount of debt reflected in the overall result. VAT is mentioned separately for each item of debt and at the end of the total. The figure specified in the act must be confirmed by the documents: invoice - factures, invoices, etc.
Be sure to register the date of the act, the basis of the requirements specified in the act (Treaty, agreement), and the timing of their execution. In the act there should be a phrase that specified the amount of mutual debts are extinguished. This document is signed by the head of organization or authorized representative by proxy.