You will need
  • - identity documents of all family members;
  • - extract from the house register;
  • - certificate on family composition;
  • - extract from the decision of the Executive;
  • order.
Contact the Department of housing policy of the local municipality with identification documents. If you were told in writing that your housing came up and you are provided with the apartment, it will be designed according to the social contract of employment.
The contract will conclude with an adult family member. In addition to the passport you are required to submit a statement of conclusion of the contract, passports of all family members that were placed on the waiting list for social housing together with you. Children present a birth certificate. You will also need to provide a certificate of conclusion or dissolution of marriage, a statement of the decision of the Executive authorities on housing provision, the order, if you already gave a fresh extract from the house register and a certificate of family composition.
After checking the submitted documents, you will sign a contract. It is made in three copies to the printer with the personal signatures of both parties and the official seal of the Department of housing policy.
The contract will include all terms of employment, social facilities, methods and terms of payment for housing, duties and responsibilities of the parties for the use of residential premises. Like any other, the social contract of employment may be terminated at any time by agreement of the parties or unilaterally, if employers do not comply with the conditions specified in the contract and failure to pay for provided housing.
The contract of social hiring is concluded indefinitely, so its renewal is required only in the case if the responsible employer specified in the document died or changed their place of residence.
The contract is considered automatically terminated if the whole family responsible employer changed his place of residence, checked out and was removed from the register.