You will need
  • - coloured cardboard;
  • - gouache;
  • - sponge or swab;
  • - toothbrush;
  • - a wooden plaque;
  • a pair of compasses;
  • - wrapping paper;
  • - a pair of scissors.
Consider who you are going to congratulate. Christmas cards for people of any age should be joyful and fun, but for a child it is possible to draw fairy-tale characters and for people of the older generation is more suitable beautiful composition from fir twigs and balls. Prepare the paper or cardboard. Most suitable is not very thick coloured cardboard. Choose a shade lighter and not very bright. Bluish, cream, pink or beige is best. Cut out a rectangle approximately corresponds to the A5 format. Fold in half to make a book.
From wrapping paper cut the same rectangle. If you are going to decorate only one side of the postcard, you will need half of this piece. But you can paint the product on both sides. Position the sheet so as to house the figure.
On a separate sheet of butcher paper draw a tree. It is possible to make stylized, consisting of several triangles. The triangles are the same height, lower one the longest, and the upper shorter than the others. The bottom each piece can be rounded. You can make a song from several trees of different sizes, arranging them in different places. Bring Christmas trees to draft cards and cut them out. You got the stencil.
Place the stencil on a cardboard card. You can attach plastic office paper clips. Dial on the swab or sponge bright green gouache and pour over cut Christmas trees. You can do the opposite. The background of green or dark-blue cardboard, and Christmas trees fill with white.
Stencil you can draw a snowman or a ball. On the sheet for the stencil, draw several circles. For the snowman, place them over each other for balls in random order. Cut out the stencil. Apply it on dark cardboard and fill the holes with white paint. The beads encircle the contour of a thin brush. Draw the top of each ball grey rectangle, and above it a loop. Make the snowman's face with black paint or marker. Dot the eyes, draw an arc-mouth and a triangle nose. The nose can be shaded red or orange paint.
If you create a composition of several objects and use a stencil, you first draw the large object. For example, the same snowman. Fill it with white paint and allow to dry. After that, apply a second stencil with Christmas trees. When they dry, paint the snow. Close the existing part of the composition. Snow run in the technique of spraying. Dial white paint on a toothbrush and sharp movements, swipe the bristles with a wooden stick. Similarly, you can draw and fireworks.