Go to the website Here you can order electronic or paper ticket (delivery Blanca on the house) in the direction of Ukraine. Specify in the special Windows the date and time of desired departure from Moscow or St. Petersburg. On the website you will be able to know the cost of tickets to any city of Ukraine, the schedule and routes of railway trains. For the convenience of ticket booking, if you are abroad, there is a virtual keyboard with Cyrillic alphabet. On the website you can book a room in any Ukrainian hotel according to their tastes and possibilities. You can even get more information about weather in the arrival city in a specific day.
Use of website material In addition, you can order an e-ticket you will find information about the major railway stations of Ukraine with photos and description. In the section "Railway" you will see diagrams railway station and hotels located nearby, as well as the sights and monuments of culture. A timetable of trains and diagrams of the routes website provides a familiarity with the rules of customs control at the entrance to Ukraine and baggage.
The motto of the portal "Come, buy and go!". Using a special order form, book an e-ticket. Pay and get a purchase notification email or message on the cell phone. While boarding the train need only a passport, if the train is a function of "Electronic registration". In the case of receiving the booked paper ticket at the railway ticket office and present your passport and call code order. Also you can get a ticket at the self-service terminal. Please note that the check you must pass for an hour before the train's departure.