To remove virus sality computer, you must use specialized antivirus software. The Internet presents a large range of programs in this category. Choose at your own discretion. You can read the reviews about a particular program. Install to your system local drive. On the desktop the shortcut appears, which allows you to run the program.
If virus does not allow you to install new software, then you need to use other methods. Try to download personal computer in safe mode. In this case, all the programs that are in startup, will be completely disabled. You need to use the administrator account to all transactions are available to you without restriction.
Almost all of the viruses hiding in the registry. However, they can disguise themselves as the different processes that operate automatically and have access to the startup. Click "Start". Next, click on "Run" and type regedit. Follow the path REG DELETE HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftwindowscurrentversionpoliciessystem /v DisableRegistryTools /f and check all branches. Delete those not applicable to the programs and system processes. When blocking will have to use "task Manager".
Open "task Manager" using the key combination Ctrl+Alt+Dlt, Click the Processes tab. Fully review the list and remove all those that you have not run or did not set on the computer. If you have automatically blocked this option, it means that the virus blocks all transactions, not to let himself get caught on the computer.
In this case you need to record a copy of the antivirus on the CD. Download on Internet or copy from the installation disk file nod32.exe and all other files from the folder on disk. Before this change the file nod32.exe on nod1132.exe that virus couldn't identify and block the familiar data. Run the file, and run a full system scan. Usually, virus sality with fast speed infect files on your computer, so you will need to be cleared to clear the virus and its copies from hard drive. Restart the computer after checking.