Use the program Easy Gif Animator. The display of Gif banners is not blocked by sites. You will then be sufficient to include it in the HTML tag: .
Download the program, install and run it. After it opens, select "Animated banner". Install in the window the desired size of the banner (or standard), and then click on the "Next" button. In the next window, select the color of the banner. This can be done in several ways: to use an existing picture, or set the gradient to Orient the palette. Click "Next".
Select in the opened window ("Text 1") the font, enter the desired inscription, then go to display settings. In menu "How to show" select plot to see a pop-up banner, that is where it will begin its work: to go – top or bottom, to increase in size, etc. In the next menu - "How long to display" - set the display time. Set the options of closing the banner in the section "How to hide?".
Open in the same window "tab Text 2", enter a new label, then select for this layer the plot for the emergence of a banner, time display and parameters of the closure. Then do the same by going to the tab "Text 3" if you have some information you'd like made into a banner. After this click "Next" and save the banner by clicking on the appropriate button.
With the help of a program Easy Gif maker create and Flash banner. Run the program and go to "Create animation", add pictures and effects. Save the operation result as Flash.
Get after saving the banner code to paste into your HTML document. Place this code at the place on the page where I will begin my "journey" created by banner.