First of all, pay attention to the power tool. It varies in the range of 1000-2500 watts. From this indicator depends on the maximum heating temperature. High power is useful in the case that you'll use a thermaldryer for professional purposes. If the dryer you need rarely, the high cost of energy is unlikely to be justified.
Equally important is the method of adjusting the temperature. In standard switch you will be able to use the standard modes (mode 2-3). In more expensive models may provide a smooth transition. You can set the temperature that is needed for heating or melting each specific material with which you are working.
As an additional in the dryere can be a function of the temperature control and the flow of cold stream. The first one allows to save the selected mode during the whole operating time. The second is useful in case if you need to quickly cool the object after heating, wait until it freezes naturally.
Depending on for what purpose you plan to use the building the dryer, pick up tips for it. Flat suitable for removal of old coatings – Wallpaper, films, paints, putty, and also to heat the plastic. Round nozzles are useful when soldering pipes, steklozashchita – when working with glass objects. With the help of cutting nozzles can cut through some types of foam.
During the work the Hairdryer quite hot. So you should take care of security. The casing on the tip will protect you if you accidentally touch the hot nozzle.
If you need long enough to heat up any surface, choose construction Hairdryer with a closed handle. Otherwise you can burn your hand with hot air reflected from the surface. Also this handle will provide additional protection against splashes of molten material.
Finally, pay attention to the external design of the tool. It is useful to be able to put the Hairdryer vertically, on the handle. This is useful if you will need a few seconds release your hands and rest the tool quite heavy.