Advice 1: How to make a small wedding

Wedding is one of the most exciting, festive and romantic events in the lives of many people. Really want to make this occasion of love memorable. Unfortunately, the organization of such events requires considerable financial costs. If you are on a budget, you can make a modest but decent wedding, saving on some things.
The bride's wedding dress costs quite a considerable amount. If you want to cut costs, buy the dress used or rent it on rent in the Bridal salon. Wedding dress purchased "with hands", usually wore 1 time, it took chemical treatment and often looks better than new. The main difficulty of such a purchase is a limited choice. In addition, most of the dresses are already tailored to the shape and growth of the previous bride and to alter it under yourself can be quite difficult. A wider range of products you will offer wedding services that rent dresses rent. After a successful fitting, inspect the outfit for stains and entire seams.
Carefully review the guest list. Invite only really expensive and the people close to you, because the crowd of distant relatives and unfamiliar neighbors and colleagues are unlikely to make a holiday genuinely family-friendly and relaxed. Reduce the guest list as possible.
Another major expense is the rent of the hall. Read all the sentences. Often small but cozy restaurant with good food located on the outskirts will cost you much cheaper than similar places just advertised and located in the center of the city. Another good option is the recently opened restaurant or café: the new interior, the cooks try to show their best side, the administration is prepared to make discounts in order to attract new customers.
A good way to save on a wedding - do yourself hall decoration holiday and decoration machines. Purchase balloons, ribbon, posters and with the help of friends and family adorn a Banquet hall and a wedding procession.

Advice 2: How to organize a small wedding

If you have no desire to hold a big wedding, but to celebrate this momentous occasion with family and friends you want, carefully consider what costs it makes sense to reduce. And the savings can be spent on honeymoon or develop a residence.
Select an initiative group from the number of bridesmaids to entrust them with the organization of the ransom, escort to registry office, registration of necessary attributes. Selected girls must have the skills of sewing or decorating and have experience in wedding preparations.
Refer to the sites of free classified ads to find the wedding dress and suit. So you can save from five to fifty thousand roubles. If you want, as a bride you will be able to use any beautiful dress, even purchased on sale.
Remember, who you know is into photography. It doesn't have to be a professional photographer, most importantly, that he had good technique. Include it in the invitations. Truly passionate about photography people will be glad of experience.
Select the rings for the ceremony. If you want, you can change them in a few years.
Order your party in a restaurant or cafe. Prefer a place where alcoholic drinks can be bought on their own and bring. Alcohol – it is one of the most expensive articles of the wedding budget, so it makes sense to buy drinks at the supermarket. Consider the menu, don't order five or six courses, it would be redundant. Importantly, there were cold appetizers, and "the third hot" half of the guests can not see out.
Complete your invitation with your own hands, give the services of printing. Of course, professionally made invitations look very well, but signed by bride or groom keep their hands warm.
Get decorating attributes of the wedding itself, connect to this process from the bride's friends. You can decorate the glasses, pillow for rings, bottle of champagne, the necessary equipment for competitions. Agree with cafe, where there will be a celebration that you will decorate the Banquet room on their own.
Inquire at invitee about the presence of personal transport and the desire of drivers to avoid alcoholic drinks before dinner in the restaurant. If necessary to attract additional transportation, hire a Gazelle or a bus with a driver. Decorate the salon with balloons or ribbons.
Useful advice
But professional photo and video shooting is better not to save. Because wedding is a wonderful celebration of love, a magical moment of happiness that you want to keep in memory. Gentle hugs and kisses newlyweds, the fun and champagne, the happy faces of parents and guests through quality photographs and wedding video will always be with you.
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