Advice 1: How to pay ONE

Payment obschedomovyh needs has become a "stumbling block" Russian housing and communal services. The law requires homeowners to not only take care of his apartment, but the hallways, elevators, basements and attics at home. The common property need to keep in order to periodically repair and on a monthly basis to pay for its service. However, tenants are often dissatisfied with the amount assessed and consider it unreasonably high. How do you know how expensive block of flats, and as for them not to overpay?
Understand the terms. Obschedomovye needs (ODN) consist of expenses for utilities in the common property of the residents and in-house resources. For electricity, for example, ONE goes from the cost of electricity operation of elevators, intercoms, lighting, entrances and basements. Here is added unaccounted kilowatts, which are formed by the use of older designs of meters, connecting someone from the occupants of the appliance, bypassing the counter, and other unauthorized connections.
Find out if your equipped apartment house house the metering device and find out the number of apartments having and not having individual meters. In resource supplying organization or in the administration of the city will Refine the current tariff for different types of utilities (the cost of one kilowatt of electricity or cubic meter of water and gas) and norms of their consumption for 1 person.
Check also in your management company or the Chairman of the HOA, what method of distribution is ONE selected residents of your home. There are several options: equally, by area, of the apartment, number of guests, according to the formula. Most common is the calculation according to the formula specified in the Regulation of utility services approved by the Government of the Russian Federation.
Make sure that non-residential premises in your home (shops, pharmacies, cafes, hairdressers, etc.) have your own equipment and pay for separate accounts. Otherwise, they consumed communal resources need to be included in the General formula when calculating ONE, relatively taking these trade organizations for another apartment.
Check the charging ONE for your home, starting with electricity. In most apartment buildings and communal resource this is the total and individual counters. Therefore, to establish the quantity consumed and calculate the cost will be much easier.
Calculate the indications at the building counter for a month. For this you need to record the exact numbers reflected on the display unit. Exactly a month later (same number) write off of new data. The difference will be the amount of electricity consumed by the house as a whole for the month.
Fold the testimony of individual electric meters for all apartments. The principle of counting in each counter is the same as in the case of house appliance. Explain to your neighbors: the more precise the reading, the more correct will be accrued. However, remember the voluntary nature of providing tenants data.
Calculate the amount of electricity for the apartments, unequipped individual meters. It must be done by multiplying the ratio of electricity consumption to the quantity registered in apartment.
Subtract from the testimony of communal counter the amount of data of all the individual devices and the standard indicators of the remaining apartments. Will the amount of electricity used for a block of flats.
Determine the amount of payment, ONE for each apartment of your house. Divide it equally or in proportion to the area or number of occupants. If in your house, such methods of calculation is not provided, use a special formula from the Rules of providing utility services.
Indications of communal counter divide by the sum of indications of individual devices and standard levels apartments without meters. The resulting figure multiply by the number of kilowatts consumed in the apartment. Multiply the result by the rate, i.e. the cost of 1 kWh in rubles.
Check thus accruals for 2-3 months. During this time, you will see the transparency of the calculations of your managing organization, and also to find possible location of "leakage" of electricity.

Advice 2: What is the power consumption PC

Electricity consumption is one of the most important settings that you should pay attention to when choosing and buying a personal computer. It depends on the computer capacity and the load on it.
The power consumption PC is directly connected with the power components included in the PC, as well as the degree of congestion of different software. Thus it turns out that, for example, if you buy a powerful power supply, it will consume much more electricity. It is worth remembering that the more processes will be running on the computer, the more will be consumed in the power supply, respectively, and electricity will be consumed much more. Much more importance is the purpose of running processes, that is, if you just work in the browser, the electricity will be consumed much less, and if you play games or work with demanding graphics applications, then more. The result is that all three of these factors (power supply, number and complexity of processes) directly affect the energy consumption.

Electricity consumption by the computer

Standard office system unit with operating office applications mainly consumes from 250 to 350 watts per hour. A more powerful computer that is running graphics applications and games, respectively, will consume more electricity, for an average of 450 watts per hour. Do not forget about the input devices and output information, which also consume electricity. Modern monitors today use 60 to 100 watt/hour. As for printers and other peripherals, they consume about 10% of the electricity, so they use about 16-17 watt.

The average cost

If you expect the average cost of electricity consumed by personal computer per month, it is enough to multiply the cost for 30 days. For example, if we take the maximum cost of one kilowatt-hour at the Moscow rates, it turns out, about of 3.80 rubles. Thus it appears that if you use a standard office computer to the limit for the entire month and the consumption of electricity from 250-350 watt/hour cost per month 950-1330 rubles (if to use the computer more than 8 hours daily, every month). Gaming computer, respectively, will consume much more electricity, therefore, and money to use such a device to spend more. Of course, the final quantity of electricity consumed depends on how much time you will use the computer and under what conditions.
The Russian government developed and approved new rules of granting of utilities to owners and users of premises in apartment buildings and houses, and soon they will take effect.
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