Advice 1: How to recover a lost driver's license

The most important document for the Amateur to drive the car is the driver's identity. Without it you cannot drive. Some motorists have probably faced such a problem as the loss of this document. Not the most pleasant situation, but to restore a driver's license is not so difficult, important to know what to do and where to go.
You will need
  • - passport,
  • - medical certificate
  • check,
  • - driver's card,
  • - photo
  • - money.
Will receive a temporary driver's license. Please contact the Department of traffic police at the place of residence and write the application. Immediately issue a new document you will not be able, as it is necessary to check whether you lost the document, and not denied it in court. A temporary permit to control a vehicle will be issued to you for a period of up to two months. For this service, you must pay the state fee of 500 rubles.
During the period of validity of a temporary certificate you need to recover a lost document. It will also need to apply to the Department of traffic police. It's best to do this if you live where registered. If you live in a different region, you need to make temporary registration.
Give the traffic police a list of the documents necessary for restoration of lost driver's license. You should have the application for a replacement document, a copy of the passport certified by the notary, registration, certificate of training in a driving school, a photo, a medical certificate.
Make sure that the certificate was valid. Even if the expiration date has ended just one day ago, you will again have to undergo a medical examination. Pay the state fee for the production and issuance of new driver's license. It is 800 rubles. A payment receipt also bring in traffic along with other necessary documents referred to above.
Wait until the new law will be ready, and get them in the familiar office of the traffic police. No matter how unpleasant the procedure the recovery, there is a positive side. For example, you can be sure that pass the exams on knowledge of traffic rules is not necessary.

Advice 2: How to restore driver's license

Driver's license, or so-called "driver's license" is the document confirming the right to drive a vehicle. The loss of this identity, the driver is deprived of legal grounds for driving.
The order of restoration of driver's license is regulated by clause 16 and clause 38 of the "Rules of delivery of promotion examinations and issue of driver's licenses". The traffic police ask for more or other than prescribed in these rules are not eligible.
In the recovery period of the permit is to lose the possibility of movement of the driving on your own and legitimately, you must get the timing right. Require a receipt for the issuance of temporary rights, then the traffic police at the place of residence to submit the application with a request to issue a provisional license due to the fact that the permanent ID is lost.
Then you spend a month waiting, because restore a driver's license on the basis of the law is possible only in a month. This time is given on the possible return of certificates.
During this time it would be appropriate to prepare a color photo that will be needed for new identity.
After this period, the Department of traffic police will write you a receipt for payment of the state duty for the issue of a new permit.
After payment receipt you provide to the Department of traffic police a statement on the restoration of the document, an explanatory note on the fact of loss, temporary ID, passport (or other document confirming identity, and in which there is a note of registration by place of residence) color photo size 3x4 cm, of the paid receipt, a certificate of medical Commission.
After delivery of all necessary documents for inspection, contact the inspector the date and time of issuing new identity.
As you can see, to restore a driving license is quite simple. But this implies a loss of personal time and some material costs. Therefore, refers to the documents should carefully and gently, so as not to be in a similar situation.
If after you restore the identity you found lost rights, remember that they had already cancelled, cannot be used.
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