Advice 1: How to install mds mdf format

Unlike regular archives, disk images contain not only data files but also information about their location on the original media. This allows specialized programs to accurately simulate the work of the original optical disk. There are more than a dozen formatsthat specify the order of recording the image of a disk. Some of them use two separate file to store the original data and information about their location on disk. Such is the mds/mdf format, was developed by company Alcohol Soft.
If the operating system does not recognize the file type, then it don't have the app to work with this format. Select one of the programs commonly called "emulators", to be installed in your computer. The most logical is to use to work with mds/mdf files for the programs from the same company, which was engaged in its development. Emulators Alcohol 120% and Alcohol 52% can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website ( However, they are not both free, while other companies and individual authors to distribute their own versions of emulators, without requiring anything in return. For example, the website of the company DT Soft you can download the free app Daemon Tools Lite (
After selecting and installing the program, run the file with the extension mds and mdf will be the same as any other - for example, by double clicking with the left mouse button. If you use Windows, an alternative way to mount a disk image highlight the file in the Explorer window and click Open button in its menu. Another option: click the right button, in context menu, expand the "Open with" and then select the name of the installed program. All they need to use these functions, the application information written in the system registry during the installation.
You can do without a file Manager of your operating system, only the window itself is installed on the emulator. To do this, run the program by using its shortcut on the desktop or item in the main menu of the OS. Then select from the menu to mount the disk image. For example, in the emulator, Daemon Tools Lite you need to either double click the row in the list of recently opened images, or you can click the icon "Add image". This will open a window where you need to find and select the. mdf file and then click Open. Everything else the program will make itself to the list of CD drive or DVD drive is added to another, simulating the disk from which you copied the image file.

Advice 2: How to install the game with the mdf extension

Most users of personal computers who love to play at leisure in the next "shooter", used to create disk images with the extension mdf. Using the image, you can save the life of a purchased disk, but to mount images should use the special program.
You will need
  • Software Alcohol 120%.
To open a file with the extension mdf, i.e. to mount on a virtual device you can use the program Alcohol 120%. After you install this program you need to create a virtual drive (there is only operating system). It is necessary to run the program and set the number of drives (disks).
In the left part of the settings window scroll to "Virtual disk" on the right side you will see the settings, one of which was to replace the dropdown list with the values "0" to "1". Most often there is only one virtual disk.
Next you need software to find the disk image on the hard drive. In the main window, click on "Search images." In the opened window, select the search location, it can be done in the drop-down list, putting the directory disk partition or "My computer". Click "Search".
After performing a search operation in the right part of the window you will see one or more files, select them by pressing Ctrl + A. Click, right-click on the file and select the row context menu "Add selected files".
To mount the image you need in the main window, double-click on the name of the game disc. Now you can start installing the game, the procedure does not differ from similar operations with the CD/DVD.
After starting the installer follow the prompts of the installation wizard. Almost all Windows will need to press the "Next" button or Next. To change the location of the game files in the corresponding window, click Browse, specify a different path and press Enter.
On the last screen of the installation wizard recommends that you put a mark next to "Run installation". Activate this option if you want to immediately start the game.
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