Purchase a ticket for a flight from Moscow to the airport Arturo Merino Benitez, located 26 kilometers from the capital of Chile, Santiago. Two companies operate the flights from Moscow with one intermediate connection. First, it is Spanish airline Iberia, mating flights are in Madrid. Secondly, it is Air France, transfer to another plane takes place in Paris. Total travel time ranges from 18 hours. Tickets can be booked on the airline's website online, the website of the French company allows you to choose Russian language. Payment is made by credit card.
Use the services of airlines offering flights from Moscow to Santiago with two changes. You can choose from companies AllItalia (layover in Rome and Paris), KLM (Amsterdam, Paris), Delta Airlines (new York, Atlanta), LuftHansa (Frankfurt, Sao Paulo), Swiss Airlines (Zurich, são Paulo). The duration of this trip will be from 21 hours to a half day, it largely depends on the time waiting for a connecting flight at the airport of intermediate landing.
Plan your own route. For this we turn to the services of two different airlines. This will save time and money. You can fly to Madrid aircraft airlines Iberia or Aeroflot, especially since the latter often arranges the sale on European flights. In Madrid you have to change plane airline, LAN Airlines to Santiago. The total duration of the trip will be 21 hours 35 minutes.
Use the services of local airlines, if you need to travel to other cities of Chile from Santiago. You can choose Aero Cardal, Aerolinea Principal Chile, Aerovias DAP, LAN Airlines, LAN Express and Sky Airlines, these airlines fly domestic flights to Puerto Montt, Punta arenas, Temuco, Antofagasta.