Advice 1: How to charge a car battery

Automotive rechargeable battery (hereinafter, battery) — auxiliary source of energy for cars and trucks, motorcycles, and electrical engineering. Currently, for passenger cars use a battery voltage of 12 volt lead-acid type. If the battery can not provide the engine start-up, it needs to be charged.
You will need
  • - AKB;
  • charging-starting device;
  • - wrenches or sockets (10mm for the battery terminal, the other dimensions — for fixing battery);
  • - a metal file or sandpaper, and a voltmeter or tester would be an advantage;
  • - served for battery may need a hydrometer and distilled water.
Turn the ignition off and disconnect all electrical equipment. With the help of wrench or sockets 10mm loosen the negative first, then positive terminal on the battery electrode.
Depending on the car model the battery can be fixed on top, bottom, or not attached at all. Identifying the type of fastening of the battery, loosen the bolts holding the mounting bracket. Loosen and remove the battery. Carry it carefully, without turning, to prevent leakage of electrolyte.
Select a suitable location for charging the battery. Charger (memory) or battery must be on level solid surface. It is desirable that the room was ventilated and inaccessible to children. Charging should occur away from open flame. Close rechargeable battery no Smoking, and no spark. Wipe the battery clean of dirt. Inspect the lead electrodes in the presence of oxidation gently clean them with a file or sandpaper until the surface is shiny and bright for best conductivity.
If the battery is serviceable, remove the bar from the top and carefully remove the six plugs underneath. Measure the electrolyte level. Add distilled water to the desired level (1-1,5 cm above the lead plates). If the charger instruction throughout follow its instructions. Connect the terminals of the charger to the electrodes of the battery, strictly observing polarity. Depending on the memory model you may need to set the voltage toggle switch in the on position 12V and 24V, in accordance with the battery voltage.
Turn on plug the device into the socket. If there is a rheostat to vary the power current, install it in such a position that the ammeter showed a current equal to one tenth of battery capacity (e.g., for battery of the car VAZ 55A/h need charge current of 5.5 A). As the battery is charging, the current will weaken. Try to check this figure every two hours and, if necessary, increase the current using the rheostat. Model memory with automatic switch will stop charging when the desired voltage.
To determine the degree of battery charge, you can use the following methods. Measure the voltage with a voltmeter (tester). The accepted battery you can measure the electrolyte density with a hydrometer. Grounds for termination of the charging can be 12-16 volts voltage or electrolyte density of 1.25-1.3 kg/l. With open jams of the sections of the battery can start the release of gas and "boiling" (a characteristic gurgling) of the electrolyte is also a signal of readiness of the battery.
When charging ends, unplug the charger, remove the terminals from the battery electrode, assemble its parts and, if necessary, reinstall.

Advice 2: How to charge autoambulator without charger?

Difficulty to start the car, the motorists occur frequently. In most cases, the problem becomes serious failure, and defective or dead battery. Went to the car, simply charge the device. However, the charger is not at all. And besides, in order to understand the need to charge for about a day. But experts state car owners (especially beginners), because there are a few ways you can charge the battery without charger.
This is a car battery not only provides power to the starter, but also is a source of accessory power (especially in those moments when the generator could not provide the right amount of energy). Accordingly, if the battery is depleted, i.e., loses all its energy, can be quite a serious problem. To charge the battery without the charger, is not so difficult. The main thing is to follow the experts and be based on the number of runes required for this device.

Ways charge car battery without charger

The most common way to charge your battery without a special device, popularly called "light". Its essence is quite simple: the battery can be recharged with the help of the working battery of another car. Another car with the motor arrives close to your. Open the hood as the car-pomoshnika and at home. Then, using special leads with plugs on the ends connect this device to your battery, the other end to an operating device of the second machine. It only remains to turn the ignition key of his car. Current will run and the machine will start. To turn off your car immediately after this not - the battery needs to work to recharge. However, after that, preferably, the battery still charge at home on the charger or to change it at all.
Alternatively, you can remove the battery with another car and bring it to his car. Then connect them in the same way - through a special wire. The car will start.

Another option how to recharge a car battery without a special device, only suitable for cars with a manual transmission. It's called "the pusher". Provided by this method due to the fact that the generator of the car after the last trip remains a small charge, which is enough to initiate the generator's action. You need to push the car, simultaneously turning the key in the ignition to the charge went off, and the battery is "alive." Alternatively, using the rope to be picked up by another machine. She needs, a little towing, pull stuck cars ahead. Generator in most cases, will respond. Next to the battery charged to the proper level, drive the car on the roads as long as possible. But after that, it is advisable to check the General condition of the battery - as far as it still working. Or, if possible, charge it with a special device.
Sometimes folk artists manage to combine two methods: the battery plug it in and wind up with the pusher.

Another option is charging your battery without a special device assumes the presence of a second functional device. To do this, first remove your battery, put working. Then start the car. Once it is working without turning off the car, remove the battery and put his in place. In the same way - drive it as long as possible.

Another option will save you if you get stuck in a remote area where there is no help. In this case you will save a typical small battery with a capacity of a few Volts. Fit and one that is in the flashlight, and the one that is in a mobile phone or laptop (of course, also assuming that she's not dead). You need to open the hood and find the wire that goes from the battery to the generator so that when the enable auto signal on the excitation of the latter. Approximate location - from bulbs, to signal a problem with the battery. This wire must be broken to insert the battery. Next, push the car hard, the battery at this moment should make the generator to work, i.e. to develop a voltage sufficient to enable it to send a signal to the battery. It is best to push the car downhill to make it faster overclocked. When you reach the desired effect, quickly hop in the car and turn the key in the ignition. The principle in General is similar to that used in the plant of the machine with the pusher. When the vehicle starts, remove the battery, even without turning off the car.

In the case when the battery freezes in the cold, one way to make it work - just put in warm place and let it warm up entirely. In some situations, the battery is put in warm water. However, it is better with more liquids better not to experiment, as it is fraught with other problems that may be more serious than simple battery discharge.

Still as the variant can to try to shake the battery to all the liquid was distributed more evenly. The only thing to note - never attempt to look into the battery, flashing his lighter. the result will be unpredictable and irreversible.

Prevention of discharge of the battery

To not get a nasty surprise in the form of a dead battery, it is better to attend to the prevention of such problems. It's enough to monitor your car. Remember that the lifespan of a car battery on average about 3 years after it is better to change, because of possible surprises.

In addition, it is desirable to regularly check the battery level by using a portable device. Such a device is cheap - about 500 rubles. This method will save you from unpleasant surprises at the most inopportune moment.

Another method suitable for this cold time of year, especially if your car is a long time laid up. Fairly regularly - once a day or two to start the car and some time to let it work. Alternatively, you can go through the neighboring yards. This will give the battery the necessary nourishment and allow it to function longer. Alternatively, you can remove the battery and take it home to heat.
The drop of battery voltage can be caused by prolonged inactivity of the car, low air temperature, age of the battery, a ground of the electric circuit of the car, lack of electrolytes and other reasons.
When removing the terminals from the electrode long key please use caution when dismantling one terminal to touch the other, a short circuit occurs.

Electrolyte — a mixture of sulfuric acid and water is particularly aggressive and toxic liquid. Avoid spilling electrolyte on the skin. In case of contact with eyes immediately rinse thoroughly with water.
Useful advice
If the polarity symbols AKB indistinguishable (dirty wiped) note that the positive electrode always more negative in a diameter of about 2 mm.
You can conduct a "preventive" recharging the car battery once a year (e.g. in early winter when the first frost) on low current — 0.1, 0,025-0,05 the capacity of the battery.
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