Advice 1: How to prepare birch brooms

Pohlestyvanie body's broom enhances blood circulation, promotes intense sweating, and acceleration of metabolism. The most durable and flexible are considered to be broomsmade of birch, on young shoots and leaves of which a large number of essential oil glands.
Cut the branches in the first half of June in dry weather, as moist leaves quickly darken during drying, twist and fly. Wait for the gathering of dew and do not over tighten the process of collecting branches until the second half of the day.
Select weeping birch, having flexible branches, flowing like tresses, or a young tree with tender leaves and long thin branches that never bloomed. Look closely at the leaves and draw on them to make sure they have a velvety surface.
Cut off a birch branch, and loosely tie them so they are not scattered. Hang the bundles so that they were blown by the wind, but does not get direct sunlight. After a week tightly knit the dried twigs and put them in a well-ventilated and dry place.
Lay the brooms on the floor and every day turn them so they took the form of a fan. Then put them on top of each other and occasionally shift to achieve the gradual flattening. Avoid drying out of the twigs.
Clean the ends of the branches from the twigs and leaves. Make a broom: inside lay thick branches that will serve as a framework and thin, place them around the bend inwards. So a broom will turn out more dense. Squeeze the branch with one hand and wrap them with twine. Leave enough room for the handle to the broom slipped from his hands. The excess ends remove.

Advice 2: When harvested birch twigs

Broom is an indispensable attribute bath procedures, using it injected steam and massage the skin. Kinds of bath brooms there is quite a lot, but in Russia, due to natural and climatic characteristics, the most widely birch broom.
Branches and birch leaves, which are used for the manufacture of bath brooms, of course, are exclusively biological and natural materials. It is known that the leaves of this tree emit phytoncides, purifying the surrounding air. And due to its high porosity they are also able to absorb sweat and stick to the human body.

Brooms from birch convenient and practical to use, useful to the body and to human health. That is why they have become widespread as an indispensable attribute bath procedures. In Russia you can find about 50 species of this remarkable tree. The most suitable for leaf production is the weeping birch, which differs from other flexible and long branches.

Preparation of the material

Harvest birch twigs are best in July, as it is this time of year in most regions of Russia the leaves are still soft and young, but has already reached the desired size. The optimum length is considered to be a thin branch of 50-60 cm Branch should be green in color, to one side of the paper was velvety and smooth on the other. All the leaves should be extremely healthy. If you use the rough sheets, the broom will be tough. It is best to cut its side branches or those that are at the roots. In addition, cut branches should be carefully and gently so as not to damage the tree.
According to ancient custom brooms is harvested on the day of Pentecost, which happens on the 49th day after Easter. It usually starts at the beginning-mid June. In some regions of the Russian Federation at this time, the birch tree may not blossom, and others to throw away the earrings.

Binding brooms

Binding of the broom – the next important stage of preparation. The place where the handle should be cleaned from twigs and leaves, and then to associate the broom so that he got flattened. It is worth remembering that the broom should be light, in order that they could swing as long as you want without getting tired.

All collected branches near the handle you need to wrap the twine or thick rope. To hands were callused, the handle of the broom is better to wrap in a cloth or bandage. After that, the broom should be well dried by placing it in a ventilated dark place where sun does not reach.
In birch leaves is essential oils, tannins, vitamin C, provitamin A. parks After the skin is smooth, stretchy, nice colors.

In order to keep the smell and all the benefits birch broom, it must be kept in a haystack in the attic or in the garage. Better use of tight storage plastic bag – it will definitely allow you to preserve all the useful properties of brooms.
A broom after drying should have the leaves are dull green in color and smell, increasing in the process of steaming.
Useful advice
Keep brooms in a haystack, or a single sheaf. This will allow better to keep them on the sheets.

Going to the bath, leave the broom for a few hours in cold water to become soft and fragrant. Going to steam, wrap the broom in a damp cloth and leave for 5 minutes in the steam room on the bottom shelf.
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