Advice 1: How to enable remote access

Creating and configuring a remote connection to another computer allows you to perform some operations without having physical access to the PC. This feature is very convenient to configure network computers from a single location.
You will need
  • - new account;
  • - Radmin;
  • - Team Viewer.
If you want to your computer to connect to other users, configure the remote control settings of the PC. To get started, create a new account. Set it to only those rights which are supposed to people connecting from another computer.
Open control panel and select "user Accounts". Click "create an account". Enter a name for the new account. Select the type: administrator or user.
Be sure to set a password for the new account. Its use will prevent unwanted intervention of external users in your system. Let us configure remote access. Click "start" and go to properties of your computer.
Click on the link "advanced system settings" in the left column. After launching the new window select the tab "Remote access".
Check the box next to "Allow connections only from computers running authentication at the network level". After activating this option, click "Select users".
In the new window, click "Add". Enter the name of the account you created to connect remotely to this computer. Press the Ok button. Now click "Apply" and close the dialog box.
It is important to understand that the standard remote access has a number of drawbacks. If you want to allow full access of the connected user, use additional utilities such as Team Viewer or Radmin.
Do not leave the remote access feature active unless absolutely necessary. Its use can cause serious damage to your system. Open access to only trusted individuals.

Advice 2: How to enable remote access to the server

The connection using the "remote desktop for Administration" does not require a separate license access clients to the terminal server, but involves the administration of access to computer resources.
By default, remote desktop is disabled. To enable this service, call the main system menu by pressing the "start" button and click "control Panel". Open the link "System" and select the tab "Remote" in the dialog box. Apply a check mark in the line "allow users to connect remotely to this computer" and confirm saving the changes by pressing the OK button.
Enabling remote access can be carried out by the user, included in the catalog Administrators or remote desktop Users. In order to add the selected user to that group, open the context menu for the desktop "My computer" click right mouse button and select "Properties". Click on the "Remote" dialog box and choose "Select remote users".
Confirm the selected actions by clicking the Add button in the next dialog box, and type the desired account name in the appropriate field of the window "enter a name to select object". Confirm your choice by pressing the OK button, and verify that the correct name appears in the directory of "remote desktop Users".
Connect to the remote computer. To do this, return to the main menu start and click All programs. Open the link to "Standard" and expand the "Communication". Select "connect to a remote desktop" and type the desired computer name in the Computer box. Use the command "Connect" and type your account name and password in the appropriate fields of the welcome screen system. Confirm the selected actions by clicking the OK button.
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