Advice 1: How to know the sex of fish

Aquaria – an interesting hobby, but for the beginners it is advisable to purchase the most common and undemanding to maintenance of fish. But if you want them also to breed, the ability to distinguish gender is necessary.
Gold fish (vualehvostki, telescopes, livingonlove, comet, etc.) Pay attention to the shape of the abdomen: if it is rounded, then you have most likely female. But some of the fish having an elongated body, like that of comets in this way to distinguish gender is almost impossible. Look at the front fins, the males have notches, in addition, in the mating season on his Gill covers there are cusps.
Live-bearing fish (guppies, mollies, platies, swordtails, etc.) the Male guppies have brightly colored, have beautiful long tail and fins. Females, on the contrary, nondescript. Swordtails have elongated in the form of one or two swords of the caudal fin. All zimorodok are distinguishable by gonopodia – body for fertilization of females.
To determine the gender of the skalyariy difficult, although there are some differences - the male is brighter and has a slightly convex forehead, but it does not give 100% certainty. Better choose the right formed a pair of angelfish usually find a life partner for yourself at a young age.
Gourami is also hard to distinguish. Look at the shape of the dorsal fin. In males it is more pointed. After reaching fish genderthe new maturity can be seen as a male courting a female.
The gourami is already in 1.5-2 months, get a bright color, which can determine gender of fish. Males have a pointed fin on the back and red antennae. The female, on the contrary, the fin is rounded, and the antennae yellow. During courtship, the male becomes much brighter and chasing the female, then builds a nest of air bubbles.
To distinguish catfish, you first need to determine which subspecies is in question pertains to fish. If this is difficult, look at the dorsal fin. In some males it is high, luchevidnye, and the female rounded. Another note on the pectoral fins, the males of some subspecies are notched or fin sharp. In addition, if you look at the fish from above, the female will stand out thickened abdomen.
Bettas are very beautiful aquarium fish, males are much more intensely colored, and the fins much longer than in females. In addition, if you get two males, it to live peacefully in the same aquarium, they will not, it is because their names are still fighting fish.
Barbs (Sumatran) have elegant floorsOATUU color. On the dorsal and anal fins of the males is a bright red border, at females it is transparent, faded.

Advice 2: How to know the sex of fish

The novice aquarist is not always easy to navigate in this strange world of colorful and exotic fish. What to feed, how to keep, and what to do if the fish are sick or decided to have offspring? Of course, one of the main issues of concern beginners, how to distinguish males from females. Develop some of the wisdom of this.
Carefully look into your charges. Some of the fish sexual dimorphism is very clear and to distinguish the boys from the girls here will not be easy. However, if you have no idea what different ladies from the Cavaliers, the internal differences of the fish, though you will noticeable, but no information is give. When breeding guppies many people think that males from females to distinguish not so simple. This is a misconception. Look closely at the anal fin fish. If he pointed in front of you boy, if scroogle – you consider a girl. On this basis, by the way, you can determine the sex of the fish before the onset of their puberty, when the addition of the anal fin the males and females does not differ. When fish grow, a characteristic feature of the boys becomes a beautiful colorful tail and dorsal fin. Females, on the contrary, remain inconspicuous and gray, the tail fins are much shorter and not as bright.
Pay attention to the shape of the anal fin. Not all aquarium fish difference of the sexes, significantly so. The relatives of guppies mollies no bright tails, no spots. Both males and female have a uniform black color and similar to each other, almost like two drops of water. Here to help you observation and watchful eyes. Mollies also differ in the anal fins. In females they are rounded, while males have a pronounced pikeminnow form. Some varieties of mollies and all are holders of an elongated and slightly folded anal fin, so boy it is possible to always allocate from the crowd.
Look at the size of the fish. Often females are slightly larger than males, and in some species this difference is quite noticeable. Of course, no one size is not necessary to navigate, because pet stores often sell fish from different litters. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to other symptoms. From neons, for example, the stripes on the abdomen of females has a small fracture, slightly curving in the middle. Males are the owners of a perfectly straight back, and the stripes on their body parallel to the horizon. If you decide to separate the males from the females in the pack Danio – also note the size and arrangement of the strips. Females are larger, and the stripes on the abdomen they have a little wavy. Males have a more slender figure and smooth strips.
Before you go for fish in a pet shop or on the market, review the professional literature and get at least a rough knowledge about the differences of the sexes. Unfortunately, often the sellers are cheating gullible buyers by selling them the fish of the same sex.
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Have live-bearing fish, females are already in the store may have an enlarged abdomen, which are easy to distinguish from males.
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To learn more about these and other fish can be one of the sites at the aquarium or purchase specialized literature.
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