Of course, you can go on vacation alone. This is differently comfortable: you will not depend on anyone, don't have to spend time searching for a companion and discussing with him the trip. But this holiday there are also disadvantages. For example, you may just be bored – in which case will have no one to consult, and in General to have a word. Although it is likely that the company will be available directly on the holiday, but such guarantees nobody will. In addition, staying in a hotel alone is considerably more expensive than the double room.
If you decide to look for a companion in traveling, it is better not to delay the search. First of all, take time to interview friends and relatives: if one of them still wants to keep you company.
If among friends traveling companion and was not found, it means that it is necessary to expand the circle of friends. This should be done in advance, not the day before departure. Besides the fact that your future companion to have time to change their plans in accordance with your, there is another good reason to meet you to learn more about the person with whom you will travel.
The choice of companion should be treated responsibly. You can use a special resource in the Internet which are devoted to finding travel companions. Carefully read the sites devoted to rest – they often advertise to potential passengers. Do not rush to lay out your ad, please first check with other people - it is likely that they will help you in your search.
If you do not find thus of companion, you should register on special forums dedicated to this topic. There you will not only be able to choose the right person, but to know him in the process of communication. Placing an ad, you can communicate with respond to it and agree about a meeting, then have to make a choice or to keep looking.
Meeting can not be neglected, before departure should meet with the future companion at least three times to make sure that this is the man you will be safe. Ask him about everything you are curious, honestly answer his questions, but be careful and avoid to share personal information. Companion absolutely to anything know that your apartment will be empty, but the keys you traditionally hidden under the Mat.
If after several meetings you have finalized your choice, it means that you can start preparing for a great holiday in good company.