You will need
  • document printing
  • paper
  • - the ink for stamps
  • - boiled egg
  • - computer
  • scanner
  • Printer
  • program Рaint
The first method

Hard boil 3 eggs. Get one and drench with cold water for 2-3 sec. Then clean it, take a sheet of paper with unnecessary stamp (or image caused by a ballpoint pen) and roll the egg on the stamp as long as the image does not appear on its surface. Take a clean sheet of paper and rolled upon the place where you want to seal. The same procedure repeat with the second egg.
Practice, proceed to the main action. Prepare the third egg. Put in front the documents you need and unfold. Take an egg and with a neat movement would give him a ride across the stamp. Then sure the slow motion will roll on the place where you want to seal. Stamp copied.
The second method

Scan the print on the document. Then, using a search engine, search the Internet private master on manufacturing of seals. If there is an indication of the contact addresses or phone numbers, call him to the master with a request to make print on print. Discuss the conditions of the order. After production take it from the master.
In the stationery store buy ink for stamps of the desired color. Dip them print and put the print in the desired location.
The third way

Scan the stamp and the text of the document where you want to put it, then run on your computer program Рaint. Scanned stamp, drag to the desired location on a clean sheet. Open Рaint'om the scanned document. On the top toolbar, find "Selection". Highlight the desired text and click the right mouse button and from the list that appears, select "Copy".
Re-open the drawing with the stamp. On the toolbar, click on the eyedropper, click on the background of the picture. Open "Palette", and select the desired background transparency. Attach the document to print. Click the right mouse button and select "Paste". Print the document with its stamp.