Don't go out into the open, because lightning strikes the highest object. On a level plot or field, the highest point will you. In an extreme case, hide in any available recess (in the ravine, pit, ditch) or find the lowest place and get down as low as possible, lower the head.
As far as possible away from water. Avoid bodies of water do not swim or fish, lightning disperses in the water for a distance of 100 metres. Sometimes lightning strikes even in the Bank, don't go near the river, pond, lake, etc.
The safest place in time of storm – a building with a lightning rod, go there. Relatively safe are the entrances and stores.
Can also hide under the canopy at the walls of the houses. If you're in a car, close Windows and shut doors, in this case, the lightning can't get you. Don't hide behind tall trees, select the lowest of them. In the forest it is the most safe place. In a large company, sit down and don't touch other people.
If you are in the building, close all doors, vents and Windows. Try to seal all the cracks, drafts can cause a fireball. Keep away from Windows, plumbing and appliances. Turn off all electricity, unplug the plug from the socket, do not use the phone.
Please note that dangerous to even be near the subject, who can get zip. Therefore, you shouldn't touch metal, electrical and wet clothes. If you ride a motorcycle or bike, stop, put it on the ground and step back about 30 meters.
Via mobile phone you can hit the zipper, turn it off. Before going out to remove all metal objects, do not take the umbrella. Take only the keys from the front door, the rest leave at home. Step away from the power lines and walls with antennas, they can attract the lightning.