The choice of the installation of the autoNavigatorand the car start with the selection of the Navigator. Because each model on the market today, has its own peculiarities. First, it is the size, which is not in the least affect the possibility of placing the device in a particular place.Secondly, this particular mount. The manufacturer provides for the possibility of several options. However, each instrument is different. Thirdly, it is necessary to consider system operation. Convenient touch function when to work with the device directly via the menu on the screen. The other option of accommodation accessible will be the key on the case Navigator.Fourth, the ability to connect to a power source without disrupting the appearance of the dashboard and clutter of wires. As a rule, the cigarette lighter plug.It is important when determining the place to take into account the possibility of getting the display to direct sunlight. Although the latest model carsPathfinders is equipped with anti-reflective coating that allows you to see clear picture even in the Sunny weather. Another important detail. AutoNavigator works by communicating with satellites. On top of almost every car has a roof that prevents the passage of the signal. On some modern auto installed windshield insulated, i.e. heat. This glass also prevents the passage of the navigation signal. It turns out that the best option is to connect your GPS receiver to an external antenna located on the roof of the car. It would provide him a guaranteed signal reception in all conditions.Due to the fact that today put the Navigator on a variety of cars, sometimes facilities are not very suitable for such a device, some motorists have to construct your own fastener system. The main thing is that the device helps you along the way, and did not close the review. It is useful to think about the possibility of rapid shooting device when you leave the car on the street. Mate Navigator, attackers can try to steal it, damaging your machine.