Advice 1: How to disable onscreen keyboard

Many Java games on phones and on computers, there is a virtual keyboard that delivers the many users discomfort and interrupt your game play and workflow. Of course, many have the desire to get rid of this drawback. How to do it, don't know everything.
To disable the screen keyboard, do the following.
Go to the menu and click "Options".
Then go to "task Manager".
Then click "Installed applications".
Then select the desired application and click Options.
Select application settings in the opened contextual window.
Find the on-screen keyboard and press "Disable".
Click OK.
To disable the onscreen keyboard in Windows perform the following steps.
Go to "control Panel".
In the search box type "Windows features".
Or just go to "Programs/features on and Off".
Find "Tablet PC optional components".
Uncheck the box standing next to them.
Click OK.Then restart the computer, now the onscreen keyboard will not appear.
After carrying out the above actions on-screen keyboard will be disabled. Now you will have the opportunity to work on the computer or playing on your phone, using the whole screen, because the on-screen keyboard took his quarter.

Advice 2: How to remove virtual keyboard

Virtual keyboard allows you to type text without a computer is connected to the physical input device. This option is often used on a tablet PC. Settings the on-screen keyboard is using "ease of access Center" in Windows.
To disable the option start control Center "special features". For this you can use the menu "start" - "control Panel" - "ease of access Center".
In the window that appears click on the option "Enable on-screen keyboard" to enable or disable. When the option appears a means of text input, which is a small panel with keys similar to keyboard keys. To close this window, click on the close icon in the upper right corner of the application.
If you are using Windows Vista, when you enable the on-screen keyboard is also activated option of control panel notification Windows, which is located in the lower right corner of the system. Click on the on-screen keyboard and click on the link "launch keyboard at logon" and then uncheck "Use onscreen keyboard". Save your changes by clicking "OK".
If the keyboard is loaded each time at system startup, you can remove it from startup list. To do this, go start and in search programs in the system, enter a query mscofig. Click the result, run the tool and then go to the tab "startup" of the system. Uncheck the "on Screen keyboard" and click "OK" to save the changes.
"Ease of access center" offers a large number of options to activate modes that facilitate the use of the computer. In addition to the virtual keyboard, you can activate the option "Screen reader" that reads the text displayed, and describes what is happening in the system. "Setting high contrast" allows you to display items on the screen, allowing you to use a computer for people with visual impairment. Deactivating these options is also carried out through the "ease of access Center".
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To start the management program accessible in the system you can also by pressing the key combination Win and U on the keyboard. The Win key is to the left of the Alt button.
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