Before you purchase Petunia, consider for what purpose you need it. For example, you want to decorate it a suburban area. In this case you need to buy varieties such as "Valentine", "Avalanche White", "Tidal Wave" or other. If you want to plant petunias in pots, get the following classes: "Velvet rose", "Balcony mix" and others.
If you want to plant it in open ground, select seeds shrub plants. Flowers should not be large, as they recover better after a heavy rain.
The double varieties are more suitable for balcony containers, and ampelnoe petunias for hanging baskets. Pay attention to what is written on the package. If you see the words "hanging plant Petunia", it means that you have in your hands the seeds of plants with abundant and dense bushes. In that case, if the packaging States "Fortune", meaning it is a plant with long lashes. These flowers are ideal for flowering hedges.
If you want to grow petunias for the further collection of seeds, avoid the group "Petunia", as it reproduces vegetatively and seeds virtually tying.
For fans of large-flowered plants suitable cultivar "Triumph", its flowers grow to 20 cm in diameter. If you want to grow a Petunia with small flowers, select grade "Fantasy red crystal". If you wish to purchase Petunia with pleasant aromas, focuses attention on the varieties of the series "Celebrity."
Petunias vary in color. You can choose solid colors and bicolor, for example, red with white star. Also on offer are a mixture of colors.
You can grow rabid petunias at home. To do this, purchase varieties such as "prima", "the rose pirouette", "Sonata" or other. Sow them in peat tablets. Watering plants at the roots from time to time to loosen and fertilize.