Advice 1: How to retrieve photos

It often happens that for any work, photo montage or layout of the print edition requires a picture or photo which is available only in the embedded in other editors. Designers and coders are scratching their heads how to retrieve a photo from Microsoft Word, Power Point presentation and a PDF document, and often never come to any decision at a time how to extract any image from that file.
One of the ways of extracting the images from these types of documents is software Office Image Exporter that allows to obtain from the file a picture in a graphic format without losing quality. Install and run the program, and in the list of formats select JPEG. In the Export window, specify the Image file name.
Then in the row Select Folder specify the folder in which to save the extracted photos, and then click Open to open the document in which the required image. After the program has finished to convert the file to the pictures, all the images will be in a folder named similarly to the original document.
There is a second way to extract photos from Word document, which does not require additional software. To do this, open a. doc file, which contains the desired photos, and then save it as a web page. Open the File menu, and then click "save to HTML".
Specify the path to save the page, and then go after saving in the desired directory. The very web page you don't need, so I go into the supporting file folder (files.html). Among them you will find your image that will be converted to PNG without loss of quality, and their size will be reduced automatically. You can then transcode the files to BMP or JPEG.

Advice 2: As from pdf extract a page

When the PDF document you want to select certain pages, non-professional users the question arises, how to do it. Options to solve this problem several.
You will need
  • document in pdf format;
  • one of these programs:
  • Adobe Acrobat Professional,
  • Adobe Reader
  • - PDFCreator,
  • - Pdf995 Printer Driver
  • - "Photoshop".
To "pull" a page from PDF file, it is easiest to save a copy of the desired document and use the editing functions to allocate unnecessary pages and delete them, leaving only the necessary.
In Adobe Acrobat Professional or Adobe Reader in the menu "File" select "Print", select the desired page format, print settings and save.
For these purposes, you can use special software printers designed to convert pdf documents. These programs allow you to create in the computer a virtual printer that instantly turns sent to print a document in pdf format. On the Internet enough of them. Download any and use it as needed. For example, a good idea in this regard have proven to PDFCreator, Pdf995 Printer Driver.
Download and install one of the programs, and then send it to print a required pdf file. Then in print options check off the numbers of those pages that you want to save the document. The page that you want to remove, do not specify. After that open created so рdf document and check the accuracy of this method. Unneeded pages are not included in the file that needed to be done.
Even as an option, you can use the program "Photoshop". To do this, drag the document into the program. Then in the opened window, select the desired page. Save it as a separate file and use it.
You can also try to take a screenshot of the desired page of the document. But in this case, the page file will be saved in image format.
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