You will need
  • Computer, with reliable and quick Internet access.
Get e-wallet. If you are going "to cut cabbage" in the network, then you need to think in advance about ways of getting money for their work and their output. The most popular means of Internet payments in Ukraine, as elsewhere in the world, is the system Webmoney. Check the purse are very simple, the main thing - to specify your real data or your funds can later be blocked in the output.
The best earnings for beginners in the Internet is freelancing. Thousands of people in Ukraine live only on the moneythey receive for doing any remote work, because good freelancers get very good rewards. Visit remote work, etc., see what services are needed and choose the interesting area. Perhaps you have skills building websites or writing interesting articles.
If you realize that you have laid the talent of the writer, then you direct road on a text exchange. They are divided into 2 groups: system, search for customers and executors (,, and the site where copywriters sell already-written article (, Sign up in several exchanges and participate in competitions on performance of orders or write articles on an interesting subject, exposing them in the open market. The more you write, the faster will increase your rating, and therefore your income.
Create a site. Select interesting and users themes. For example, this can be the Ukrainian political blog or portal of the city of Kharkov. Or the Kiev automobile club. Select suits your needs engine, install it on pre-purchased hosting, domain attach was 2 level, and set design. Regularly fill the website with interesting and unique content, gradually unwinding the resource. When the daily attendance reached 1000 unique visitors, then put on the website of blocks of contextual advertising, the clicks which will bring you significant income. If your site has a narrow or commercial themes, it is not difficult to find a direct advertiser that will pay you a fixed salary for the placement of the banner on the home page. Revenues from the personal site is limited only by your imagination, time and funds that you will invest in your web resource. In Ukraine there are many webmasters that their sites bring in a decent income along with small business.