Don't sit at home watching TV. Forget about this holiday. There are many activities that you can devote your day better. Prefer outdoor sports, try not to sit in one place.
Dilute sedentary work, constant load. Most people who spend their working day in the office, forced most of the time to work on the computer, while this opportunity is completely absent. Change it!
Going to work, pass at least part of the way on foot. This will allow you to finally Wake up, to bring the muscles in tone and feel cheerful. At work, try not to use the Elevator at every opportunity move. For example, instead of having to contact a colleague from another Department on the phone, go to it. After work also better part of the road walk. This will allow you to switch from job anxiety to calm, and home fashion.
Every evening take a walk before bedtime. Wonderful if near your house there is a small square or Park. It is perfect for Jogging. Flailing walks can be done with the whole family, because they allow you to relax, and the fresh air will make sleep more calm and strong.
Select the sport that likes all your family. Studying together is much fun. This sport may be skiing or Biking, playing volleyball or tennis. Devote one weekend to the sport, and the second household chores and trips to visit.
Stick to the active imageand life in everything, even in communicating with friends. For example, if you used to spend time together over a Cup of tea in a cafe, you can bring some innovation to go ice-skating or roller skating. You "kill two birds with one stone": I will be trained and will have a great time.