Take a few round and smooth potatoes are roughly the same size, then the straw is smooth and beautiful. Peel and thoroughly wash the vegetables in warm water. Then, if required, remove (cut with a knife) all dark spots and brown spots on the tubers. Do not take sprouted or green potatoes. It contains harmful substances, and it will turn out tasteless.
After that, you can begin the main part of the work – cutting potatoes into strips. To achieve the desired result, for cleaning and cutting potatoes, use a well sharpened knife. Cut just before cooking, otherwise after a while, the potatoes will darken and become unattractive.
Take the peeled tuber and cut it lengthwise into several plates of the same thickness (approximately 3-5 mm). Then each part cut in the same way along at a few straws. Thickness determine in its sole discretion, but, nevertheless, don't make the strips too thick, otherwise the potatoes will take longer fry, and this will negatively affect the flavor characteristics dishes.
Do the same with the other tubers. Cut into julienne potatoes and fold in a Cup of cold water to he's not black until you cut the rest of the tubers. If you want to cook "French fries," give the straw some time to dry. It is necessary to remove part of the starch.
If the potato sticks you cook very often, then just be smarter to buy special accessories for cutting, the choice of currently is large enough. With their help, cut the potatoes into strips for a few minutes. To billet it turned out beautiful and smooth, you will only need to learn how to use this device.