Surely everyone remembers that before in the yards constantly seething football fights among the boys. Then none of them thought about creating your team, or even the name of a football club (even the yard). But times are changing. Now, instead of trampled waste ground with stones or bags instead of gates at the disposal of football fans have quite a decent field. The problem with buying the game ammunition also is not so acute. So everywhere appear cohesive football team.
But any team needs its own name because, as stated in one of folk wisdom: "As a ship call, so it will float". Of course, the name of any football team must contain a latent energy, strength, courage, determination and steadfastness. Just listen: "Dinamo", "torpedo" "locomotive" and even "Spartacus".
However, all of these names are well known and widely distributed in our country. And, you see, to call the team once again in a similar way will be, first, not original, and secondly, just boring.
Try something new and preferably global. For example, you can use the name of the planets, as the same football "Saturn". "Mars", "Jupiter", "Uranus" and "Pluto" yet not so much known (or maybe even not busy).
In addition, many like to mention the names of a predator: bears, boars, wolves, etc. on the one hand it is, of course, sounds good (the same "Chekhovian bears"), and in the USA almost all the teams have in their name something or other totem animal. But, you see, in Russia, this option may not always be appropriate, especially if you live in the village with the characteristic title. Hardly "Rzhaksinsky Moose" or "Uryupinsk Devils" will cause the fan any feelings, except for the smile. So try not to overdo it.
Another option is to take a word that very few people understand, from a book or encyclopedia. It is unlikely that the layman realizes that, for example, a "Triplex" (the name of one of the music groups) is the designation of one of the varieties of glass.