Cystitis can cause chlamydia, fungal diseases, viral infections, Streptococcus, Mycoplasma. Not even cured tooth decay can be a potential source for the appearance of cystitis. Also manifestations of cystitis can be caused by overcooling, the presence of foci of chronic infection in the body.
Bacteria and viruses can get into the bladder from the kidney, urethra, genitals. Recent studies of physicians have shown that the occurrence of cystitis can be triggered by a violation of vaginal microflora, colpitis, cervicitis, endometritis, parametritis.
Often cause cystitis helminthic infection, pyelonephritis, renal tuberculosis, injury of the urethra, but not all patients with these diseases will necessarily be diagnosed with cystitis. The immune system of a healthy person fights infection. As soon as there is a glitch in the immune system, arise from acute or chronic illness.
Favorable conditions for the development of cystitis are created for vitamin deficiency, fatigue, sedentary lifestyle, malnutrition, lack of hygiene of the genital organs, difficult birth. Also the occurrence of cystitis contributes to bladder catheterization, instrumental intervention, delayed emptying of the bladder.
Completely get rid of the cystitis is possible, but only if it is reliably identified and eliminated the cause of its appearance. If the disease is not treated, it will take a chronic form, the body temperature can rise to 40 degrees, there is a General intoxication, purulent Department they of the urethra, vomiting. The patient urgently hospitalitynet. The prognosis of complete cure of chronic cystitis adverse. So no need to self-medicate. You should immediately contact the doctor at the first sign of the disease.