You will need
  • - medical kit.
Superstrong traumatic factors lead to the inhibition of the respiratory system, nervous system, circulatory system, endocrine system. This constitutes a serious danger to the life and health of the victim. The brain is not supplied with blood, which can cause an immediate stroke.
Shock distinguish between traumatic, caused by extensive injuries, cardiogenic, arising from the heart attack or complications after a heart attack, anaphylactic – after medication, unbearable body.
First aid depends on the kind of shock reaction. If the sufferer has extensive fractures, provide him a rest, lay on side with head low. When bleeding, apply a tourniquet, immediately call emergency help or take the person quickly to the hospital yourself.
If the shock caused by the wound, do not attempt to remove sharp objects, not upravlyayte prolapsed organs, moisten a sterile cloth, cover the wound not to get infected.
In cardiogenic shock , place the victim under the tongue nitroglycerin tablet give motherwort, Corvalol, or valocordin.
The shock causes thirst. Do not let the victim drink a lot, wet mouth, giving small SIPS of water. In the cold season the heat cover the patient, detach the neck from the tie, unbutton buttons, zippers, to ensure free breathing.
Fractures or dislocations of lock on tire to prevent pain at the slightest movement. If there is ice, apply it to the injured. It is acceptable to give the patient analgesics: aspirin, dipyrone, Ketorolac, any nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
Do not forget that the slightest delay in providing medical care may cost the patient life, so regardless of the cause of the shock, immediately call specialists.